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Chris Perri is a progressive Democrat running against Lamar Smith to represent the 21st District of Texas. He lives in South Austin with his wife, Shannon, a sixth-generation Texan who teaches at Texas State University.Raised in Corsicana and Dallas, Chris learned from an early age the values of service and uplifting the lives of fellow Texans. His father is a Navy veteran and urologist, while his mother spent over forty years in nursing.Chris has dedicated his life to fighting for justice and freedom. He earned his law degree from the University of Texas and subsequently earned a master's degree in economics. As a criminal defense attorney for over a decade in Central Texas, he's tirelessly fought to uphold our country’s most precious cornerstone, the Constitution, by defending Texans of all backgrounds and beliefs. As a community leader and volunteer in Central Texas, Chris has continued his fight for justice, serving as supervising attorney for UT Law’s pro bono Texas Expunction Project since its inception in 2014. The Expunction Project has assisted hundreds of indigent Texans clear wrongful arrests from their criminal backgrounds so that they can better compete in the job market. In 2016, UT’s Texas Law Fellowships program awarded Chris the Excellence in Public Interest Award (EPIA) based on his pro bono work as a private-practicing attorney. Above all, Chris believes in truth, and that elected officials should represent their constituents, as opposed to corporate and special interests. He's now ready to bring his passion, energy, and progressive values to Congress to ensure that the Government protects and provides for both the present and future generations.

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