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Rock Howard

Software Developer

W2O Group



Austin, Texas - United States


Marketing & Advertising


Pragmatic software engineer with extensive entreprenuerial experience. Over 30 years experience with a focus on object-oriented software, frameworks, Unix, Linux, LAMP, and all aspects of the Internet. Currently uses Django and/or Flask to build and deploy Python/Javascript based dynamic websites. Co-founded Tower Technology in 1992 and built it into a 50 person company focused on server-side Java tools, technology and engineering techniques. Amateur activities: Musician, web-based astronomy. Specialties: Computer Software, Python, Django, Flask, Linux, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, JSON, Apache, WSGI, LAMP, XML, C, Java, GeoDjango, SQL/NoSQL/Neo4j, iPhone, Android and more. Technical and Business Leadership, Technical Consulting, Technical Writing.