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Thomas Ryan

Contract Designer




Austin, Texas - United States




I am a mechanical engineer with a passion for automation, experience with manufacturing automation, but overall passionate about making whatever I do better and easier. I come from the Automotive industry in the Midwest designing process equipment, material handling, intelligent systems and safety systems. More recently, I am currently trying my hand in the energy industry here in Austin, but I want to know more about the start up scene here, as that is what pulled me here in the first place!My personal/professional hobbies include learning more programming and electrical skills, I have been trying to build more electromechanical projects as of late. I recently invested in a 3D printer and have been enjoying the freedom it provides in mechanical components.

I am good at

My strongest, and proudest, strength is generating viable alternative solutions, mostly with experience in mechanical systems, but I try for any problem I encounter.

Skills and Expertise

Design engineering team building/facilitating engineering management process analysis standardization.