Disruptive startup looking for engineering cofounder Posted on 9/3/2016

Pullbutton, Inc.

We're building a company called Pullbutton, which is on a mission to optimize the digital commerce experience in a big way with a proprietary and disruptive technical component.


Pullbutton is a radically different marketplace that enables buyers and sellers of goods and services to automatically connect. Pullbutton improves how we conduct digital commerce by taking the burden of searching and marketing that buyers and sellers have, and placing it on the shoulders of technology, making Pullbutton the most efficient way for buyers and sellers to connect, for anything, anywhere.


Based in Austin, Texas, with a presence in Washington, DC, Pullbutton is helping drive a massive paradigm shift in online commerce from a push economy to a pull economy. Pullbutton works at the intersection of search engines, marketplaces and text messaging, to deliver the single hub between supply and demand that redefines how they connect in today’s fast-paced society.


The “Need” and the opportunity:


Currently, we spend a lot of time and effort online, trying to find goods, services, people, and resources. How we find what we need online hasn’t really evolved since Google, Craigslist, and Amazon came to the scene. Our fast-paced, on-demand society calls for real innovation - a technical utility that makes it easier for buyers and sellers to connect.


Pullbutton users can surround themselves with goods and services that are relevant and valuable, without having to search for them. Think about the serendipity we experience when we stumble upon goods and services that are really valuable, versus spending time searching for goods and services we've already identified as valuable.




Pullbutton, Inc. is looking to bring on a technical cofounder that has the bandwidth to develop Pullbutton’s market-ready mobile and web application. The Company has conducted an Alpha Test with its MVP, and feedback from users, metrics, the investor community, and thought leaders has confirmed that Pullbutton has huge potential.


This position is for equity - a technical cofounder should be ready to take a high-risk-high-reward approach, and hit the ground running. This is an opportunity to let creative skills shine and help build something great!


If you are a confident engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, we’d like to hear from you.


Some of the skills the Company needs include the following, but the technical stack for the new application haven’t been set in stone, so new ideas are welcome:



  • Objective C and/or Swift

  • Marshmallow (for instant TAPs)

  • Creating web-based Super Admin Consoles

  • .NET

  • SQL

  • .NET XML

  • Creating responsive websites/front-end websites

  • Creating web-based Customer Consoles

  • Responsive HTML5

  • CSS3

  • BootStrap

  • AngularJS

  • Java

  • Native to iOS/Android

API Layer:

  • Ruby on Rails framework

  • Nginx web server


  • Integrating analytical software to track actionable metrics

  • Integrating Social Media Monitoring software to track activity and trends

  • SproutSocial


  • Be able to remove what we currently have out there

  • QA testing

  • Bug fixing

Database (servers):

  • File storage: Amazon S3

  • Redis for caching to avoid excessive querying for the same information

  • API layer will communicate with MongoDB and PostgreSQL clusters for storing info

  • SQL

  • Amazon Elasticache

  • Amazon RDS


  • Creating prediction engines for auto-completion

  • Elastic search capabilities

  • Creative thinking: The founders aren’t technical, so new ideas that can improve the current state of Pullbutton are always welcome.


These are just some of the technologies that could be used, but again, let’s get creative! Pullbutton also needs people or a person that can embody the following roles:


  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 Backend Engineer

  • 1 Frontend Engineer

  • 1 iOS Engineer

  • 1 Android Engineer

  • 1 QA Engineer


Thanks and we look forward hearing from you!




The Pullbutton Team

Position: Looking for cofounder for equity
Stock Equity: 2% - 20%
Salary: Negotiable

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