Pullbutton - exciting startup looking for exceptional cofounders Posted on 8/30/2016

Pullbutton, Inc.

We're building a company called Pullbutton that's on a mission to optimize the digital commerce experience in a big way.

Pullbutton is a radically different marketplace that enables people selling goods & services to automatically connect with relevant consumers, greatly enhancing the buying/selling process online by removing the need to search or market altogether. Pullbutton's proprietary technology is the most efficient way for buyers and sellers to connect.

- Why?

Online marketplaces haven't really evolved since Craigslist came to the scene. Our fast-paced, on-demand society calls for a service that makes it easier for buyers and sellers to connect.

Currently, we spend a lot of time and effort online, trying to find goods, services, people, and resources when we need them. Pullbutton removes the inefficiencies, and gives users the ability to surround themselves with these things that are relevant and valuable, even before they're aware of their existence. 

Think about the serendipity we experience when we stumble upon goods and services that are really valuable, versus spending time searching for goods and services we've already identified as valuable. Pullbutton is assisting the coming paradigm shift from a Push Economy (excessive marketing and ads), to a Pull Economy (Pull what you want directly to you when you need it).

- What we're looking for

Pullbutton, Inc. has conducted an Alpha Test with its MVP product. As anticipated, feedback from users, metrics, the investor community, and thought leaders has confirmed that this venture has huge potential. The Company is looking for engineers, marketing pros, advisory members, and experienced management to assist in getting to the next level.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Pullbutton Team


Position: Looking for cofounder for equity
Stock Equity: 2% - 20%
Salary: Negotiable

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